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Welcome to Live Camp - a unique, invite-only experience every independent model yearns to be a part of. And…There is a perfectly good reason why.

Live Camp is a one-of-a-kind event in Romania that brings together the top representatives from Live Cam Industry, along with over 120 independent models for a fun and exciting three days full of workshops and fabulous surprises.

With this project, we want to empower independent models to become the best versions of themselves. With us, nothing is impossible. At this exclusive event, you will be given a chance to socialize with other models, share experiences, learn some new techniques and find out essential secrets, make the most out of the workshops, dive into the words of our magnificent speakers and, of course, have fun. Live Camp is our gift to you!

First invite-only Adventure Camp
dedicated exclusively tolive cam modelsworking from home!

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Live Camp will take place in the heart of Romania, the country that merges the spirits of the West and the beauty of the East. You will be located in Arsenal Park, Orastie that will be your safe haven during those days. The time will stop and you will be at liberty to enjoy everything this theme park has to offer, from outdoor activities to relaxing spa moments. Because, let’s face it, we all know you deserve it!

This 88 ha theme park is ideal for unique events such as ours and it will contain everything you need. It accommodates around 200 people so prepare for the crowd. You can choose between single, double rooms or villas. Beds are super comfortable, so don’t worry. We know beauty sleep is important!

It has an easy access to Adventure Park for all those of you who are wild at soul. You can choose from wide range of activities. For example, you can play the Arsenal Airsoft Game. It is specially thought as a group game, where you can get familiarized with this sport. You will be familiarized with the CQB (Close Quarter Battle) which are basically different scenarios that will teach you how to enter a building, how to verify the rooms or how to use an airsoft gun. This activity conducted by a specialized instructor and can be done with at least 4 persons or 10 persons max.

Choose your favorite activity at Arsenal Park

Use your free time to explore everything this adventure park has to offer. We have enlisted some of the activities you can try below. There is a bit of something for everyone!

Adventure park
Military instruction






Workshops &



Event plan

Event Schedule

We have prepared a diverse program just for you. Everything is perfectly planned and we promise you won’t get bored. It’s a three-day wonderland that will bring out the best in you!

Day 01

June 10, 2019

Shuttle bus

Your journey will begin with organized transportation from Timisoara and Bucharest. You can relax cause we’ve got you!



Upon your arrival you will be directed to check-in in order to get yourself settled, fresh up and prepare for our Welcome Dinner. Don’t worry, you have time to make yourself comfortable!

opening party Live Camp

Opening Party

Live Camp is opening its doors to you at the Opening Party!

Day 02

June 11, 2019


Seminar & Workshops

Being an independent live cam model is hard, esepcially at the beginning. There are many decisions you have to make and, without the right guidance and experience, it is difficult to make the right ones.


Lunch time

Now, you can take a break. You know you deserve it! Spoil yourself with a good meal and get some strength for the afternoon activities.

Adventure Park

We hope you had a nice lunch because it’s fun time!

BBQ Party Live Camp


The second night will start with a delicious barbeque sponsored by Stripchat. Let’s enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening after a busy day. Good food is always a good conversation starter! Stripchat made sure of that!

Day 03

June 12, 2019


Seminar & Workshops

Being an independent live cam model is hard, esepcially at the beginning. There are many decisions you have to make and, without the right guidance and experience, it is difficult to make the right ones.


Lunch time

Lunch is the important part of the day. Feel free to take a break and try some Romanian specialties. You won’t regret it!

Military Activities

Use your free time to socialize with other participants in the adventure park by taking part in various activities. There are so many you can choose from

pool party Live Camp

Pool Party

The night begins with a fabulous Party by the Pool. We can wash the day away, socialize, mingle and most importantly, have a good time. Let’s dance!

Day 04

June 13, 2019


It’s time to go home. We hope you had a wonderful time, learned something valuable and that you know believe in yourself more. We are looking forward to seeing you again and remember: the sky is not the limit!
Transportation from Arsenal Park to Timisoara and Buchares


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Live Camp is an invite-only event dedicated especially to independent live cam models. It is the first event of this kind in Romania and therefore, it offers exclusive experience that will bring every independent model who attends closer to their dreams.

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