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Major General sponsor

Were you never the one to share? Then, be our Main sponsor with a capital M and get all eyes on you! Live Camp gives the best deal for the best sponsor. Be our number one!

6 000

Major General sponsor

Sponsoring 20 models (accommodation and breakfast)

Branding on sponsored models and at the event (there will be a dress code with your logo on clothes)

Branding of the rooms the sponsored models stay in

Luxury accommodation in a thematic villa for 4 people

4 free registration tickets (one ticket is worth 100 euros)

Banners and roll-ups at the most important spots at the location

Bracelets with your logo on them

Photo branding

30 minute product presentation

Meeting point at the event

Branding at the conference room

1 goodie bag item included

Goodie bag with your logo on one side

Section in Live Camp Magazine

Bracelets with your logo on them

Social media promotion

Newsletter sent to both our data base and our partners’

The possibility to sponsor additional models with a discount (150/model)

Invite for a special Sponsor Party the night before the event

Major General sponsor

You will get the chance to sponsor 20 models, offering them accommodation and breakfast

The models you sponsor will be wearing clothes with your logo on them during the entire event and sleep in the rooms equipped with various items branded with your logo

This sponsorship package offers you a luxury villa that can accommodate 4 (four) people and that has a military theme

We have included 4 (four) free registration tickets, worth 100 euros each, for the members of your team who wish to join, this will get you to all the seminars, workshops, activities, parties and it will give you access to the entire adventure park

Your sponsorship package comes with banners and roll-ups with your logo on them, placed at the most important spots at the event in order to ensure maximum exposure

We will fabricate bracelets with your logo on them that models will wear during the entire event

You will get a place to put your logo on our official photos

You will also be entitled to 30 minutes to present your product at our seminars

There will be a meeting point at the event and we’ll get you a place there where you can have meetings and do business

We will make sure a roll-up with your logo is present at the conference room

You will get your very own section in the next edition of Live Camp Magazine, we will promote you and your business in the best way possible

Social media is important and since you’re our partner we will make sure everyone sees you the way we see you

We will have a newsletter made especially for you and about you that will be sent both to our data base and to our media partners’

You can choose 1 (one) item to put into a goodie bag that will be gifted to our participants

Even the goodie bag will have your logo on it on one side

We will also offer you the possibility to sponsor additional models with a discount of 150 euros per model, they will also have a dress code with your logo on them and branded rooms

Live Camp will host a pre-event VIP Special Sponsor Party the night before the event starts and you will get invites for you and your team