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March 03, 2018 what-is-live-camp

Live Camp is an invite-only event dedicated especially to independent live cam models. It is the first event of this kind in Romania and therefore, it offers exclusive experience that will bring every independent model who attends closer to their dreams.

March 02, 2018 choose-live-camp

The answer is simple. We bring you the best of the bests. If you’re that kind of a person you can continue reading. We have something for you.As we mentioned many times, Live Camp is something unique and exclusive. Brought directly and specially to you and for your benefit.

March 01, 2018 arsenal-park

Arsenal Park is located in the heart of Romania, in Orastie. This 88ha adventure park brings you the entire military experience wrapped into a fun and exciting resort. Such as that, it is perfect for the event we are hosting.