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July 012018

Registration Open Free For Cam Models

Hey everybody,

Good news registration is now open!

Few things to know before register to our event:

  • All applications will be selected and approved by us after a detailed research (it`s simple you only have to prove that you are an active cam model)
  • It`s open and free only for Independent Cam Models (accommodation and meals included during the stay)
  • Make sure you will add your correct details in order to be approved
  • After registration you will be contacted by one of our staff in order to set up few more details
  • Only 120 free spots are available for free registration
  • If you are coming accompanied by someone who is not a cam model, the extra person have to pay 120 Euro/ticket

Registration will be closed on 10th September 2018!

Make sure you will register as soon as possible due to our limit of spots!

See you there!