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Live Camp will take place in the heart of Romania, the country that merges the spirits of the West and the beauty of the East. You will be located in Arsenal Park, Orastie that will be your safe haven during those days. The time will stop and you will be at liberty to enjoy everything this theme park has to offer, from outdoor activities to relaxing spa moments. Because, let’s face it, we all know you deserve it!

This 88 ha theme park is ideal for unique events such as ours and it will contain everything you need. It accommodates around 200 people so prepare for the crowd. You can choose between single, double rooms or villas. Beds are super comfortable, so don’t worry. We know beauty sleep is important!

It has an easy access to Adventure Park for all those of you who are wild at soul. You can choose from wide range of activities:

Adventure Park

Arsenal Park has its own Adventure in it and you can be a part of it, too! You can choose from six different paths according to your age, force and courage. You will benefit from special security equipment so you can be safe and enjoy the adventure!


A group game, where you can simulate different war situations. You can apply almost every battle scenario in a natural environment that Arsenal Park offers you and all that under the supervision of an experienced instructor.


Activity for those wild at heart. You can simulate a war situation and your instructor will let you know the rules and safety measures before each game. This is a group activity so choose your team carefully!

Military instruction

You can discover the wonderful world of military and enjoy this unique opportunity. This consists of military movements instruction under the command of the specialized instructor.

Escape Room

If you’re a fan of action movies, you will love the activity. You can experience the specially created scenario for you and your friends. You’ll have only one hour of time to solve a mistery. Are you up for the challenge?

Tower Escalade

This activity is perfect for climbers. You’ll have three chances to reach the top of the tower and if you make it happen, you’ll get a free access to AquaPark Arsenal!

Fire Gun Shooting

You can now learn to shoot from the real fire gun. The instruction is guaranteed and the activity will take place on a special shooting range outside the Park.


Have you ever wanted to fly and see the world under your feet, literally? Well, now you can. At Arsenal Park, you will benefit from an instructor and special equipment and you’ll be able to fly even if it’s your first time!


Feel like a professional archer and learn the art of archery with the latest professional equipment. If you prove yourself worthy, you can get a Robin Hood title!

PowerFan Jumps

For adrenaline lovers, we recommend this interesting activity. You’ll get the chance to jump off of a 30-metter height while enjoying the 15 meters free fall and slow landing due to the latest technology.


Get on the longest zip-line in Romania and enjoy a lovely panoramic view under your feet. Reach up to 45 km per hour speed and feel that adrenaline rush!

Mini Golf

Get the chance to relax in the nature while enjoying a round of mini golf on fresh air. You’ll have some easy and not-so-easy obstacles to overcome and things will always be interesting.

There are many fun and exciting activities to choose from and we offer special activities for VIPs and Sponsors!

However, we never forget the ones who are more into calm and relaxing activities. There is a Spa on site and you can relax at the pool, sauna or one of the relaxing rooms in it. Also, there is an AquaPark you can visit and enjoy.

Aqua Park
Aqua Park
Adventure Arsenal Park
Zip-Line Aqua Park

Since food is important, too, we are confident you won’t be hungry considering the range of restaurants you can choose from. There is a bit of everything for everyone. In any case, you won’t be even slightly bored in-between the activities we have prepared for you!

After you’ve had fun and adventure during the day, we offer you evening and night activities.

First night, you will have a lovely meal at the Welcome Dinner where you’ll be able to socialize and mingle with other participants.

On the second night, we’ll have a Pool Party. There will be a lot of foam, drinks and good music. Fun is guaranteed and we can’t wait to hear how good of a time you had. It’s time to let the stress go away and do something that will make you happy!

Last but not least, there will be a BBQ night outside where you can enjoy the breath of fresh air, delicious food and share your experiences with others at the event. It’s time to relax and slowly prepare to go back to reality!

Oh…and you’ll get there quick and easy since logistics will be assured by the organizers.

Get ready to experience the best of what we have to offer. Let’s fill the place with our vibrant energies. Live Camp awaits for you!